Oklahoma is a great place to go when you’re searching for the great outdoors. We’ve got plenty of trout fishing, but if you’re looking for something more, our Broken Bow vacation cabins at Broken Bow Cabin Lodging offers the best spot to explore the wilderness. With trails that span for miles, you’ll love hiking with your family this summer season. Those boots were made for walking, so let’s lace up your hiking boots and stroll through these four family-friendly hiking trails in Oklahoma!

Cedar Bluff Nature Trail

Located near the Dogwood Campground, you’ll find the first trail on our list, the Cedar Bluff Nature Trail. If you start your trek on your left, make sure to take a right at every junction, and you’re sure to end exactly where you began! It’s a clockwise format for this spot and makes for an easy 1-mile hike.

Forest Heritage Trail

Start your journey at the Forest Heritage Center Museum, then enjoy walking the looped trail. You’ll love seeing the Indian sculpture on your way by Beaver Creek. While it’s an easy, 1.1-mile loop, you’ll want to watch out for the Informational signs as the Beaver Creek Trail also runs parallel to a portion of this loop.

Pine Ridge Nature Trail

One of the shortest trails is Pine Ridge Nature Trail. It has two loops, but you can complete the whole path in a figure-eight style. The first circuit will take you by the pine and hardwood forests of OK. The second loop will bring you to the floodplain of Beaver Creek. You’ll have two up-hill and two down-hill portions, but it’s about ¾ of a mile so you can take your time!

Beaver Lodge Nature Trail

If you’re looking for a single-way trail, Beaver Lodge Nature Trail is it! Start either by the Hydro-electric Dam or below the Spillway. We suggest you follow the path until it becomes too narrow or steep. All you have to do is turn around and walk back the way you came! You’ll love hearing the babbling of the Spillway run-off creek that is near the trial. This trail is easy for families, but be wary, some areas have suffered flood damage.

Learn more about these easy trails and Beavers Bend State Park’s other trailheads, along with Nature Hiking in McCurtain County, or get to know our area attractions!

Whichever route you walk, you’ll have a wonderful time outdoors! Broken Bow Cabin Lodging, offers fantastic Broken Bow vacation cabins that you’ll love coming home too after a day exploring the forests of Oklahoma. Book your rental, kick up your feet, rest for a while. You’ll cherish every woodland memory created this summer season in Broken Bow, OK.