If you’re searching for some gorgeous hiking and wilderness trails to enjoy during your Broken Bow Cabin Lodging getaway, look no further than Beavers Bend State Park! Escape from the city this fall and indulge in these relaxing autumn trails. Located just seven miles north of your Beavers Bend lodging at Broken Bow, the park offers a vast variety of trails suited for all levels of experience. We are confident that a trek through the southeast Oklahoma forest will leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Here is our guide to the different trail options and what you can expect from your hike.


Forest Heritage Tree Trail:

This trail is ideal for those wanting a relaxing and comfortable hike. Expect a few mild hills as the mile-long loop takes you from the Forest Heritage Center Museum down onto the Beaver Creek floodplain and back up.

Beaver Lodge Nature Trail:

Another pleasant hiking experience, this trail is also around one mile in length and runs near the creek. This trail is not a loop, so be sure to turn back when you get tired or the path becomes too steep.


Pine Ridge Nature Trail:

For a slightly more strenuous hike during your Beavers Bend lodging vacation, get on the Pine Ridge Nature Trail and tread through multiple uphill and downhill grades. While the walk is slightly more difficult, the trail length is shorter at around three-quarters of a mile.

Deer Crossing:

For even more moderate difficulty, try the two-mile long Deer Crossing. This route connects the Cedar Bluff Nature Trail with Lookout Mountain Trail.


SkyLine Trail:

For experienced hikers only, this Oklahoma trail consists of seven miles of steep slopes. Navigate the rugged forest terrain and embark on this rewarding expedition.

Cedar Bluff:

As the final option for those looking for a more challenging adventure, Cedar Bluff offers hikers the steep contours of the SkyLine Trail, but with multiple added Beaver Creek crossings. This arduous trek is not recommended for inexperienced hikers.

Hiking at Your Beavers Bend Lodging

No matter your skill level, spend some time on the trail while vacationing at our beautiful Beavers Bend lodging. A relaxing stay at our luxury cabins pairs nicely with an adventurous day in the breathtaking Beavers Bend State Park. Book your Oklahoma vacation now with Broken Bow Cabin Lodging and make your autumn getaway one to remember.