One of the great perks about camping is that it’s an activity that people of every age can enjoy. Camping with your kids is a way for families to have an experience that can include everyone. You’ll get to enjoy the outdoors, do something new, and spend more time as a family without the distractions of home. However, anyone with children knows that experiencing the great outdoors is a lot easier said than done with a bunch of kiddos running around. Luckily, there are ways to help the experience run a little more smoothly. By packing depending on your type of lodging, creating a cleaning station, planning for entertainment, involving your kids, and stressing safety, you can make a family camping trip a little more stress free.

Pack Depending on Your Lodging

There are many fun ways to camp. You can stay in a tent, camper, RV, yurt, cabin, etc. Each type of lodging will require a different packing list and offer a whole different camping experience. For a more rustic experience, half of the adventure is in your lodging. Pack for warmth and functionality. Make a list and don’t overthink things too much. When your lodging is much like home, your packing list is a lot different. Be sure to do your research if you’re renting your lodging. Find out what is provided and what you need. Some places will provide many basics like sheets and cooking utensils, but some won’t. If you’re staying in your own lodging, you’ll have a better idea of what to bring. Generally, too much is better than too little, but you probably don’t need to pack the kitchen sink either.

Create a Cleaning Station When Camping With Kids

Whether you’re staying in a tent or a luxury cabin, one great tip for camping with your children is to create a cleaning station for when baby wipes just won’t do it. The outdoors can be dirty and muddy – sometimes that makes the experience even more fun. Kiddos tend to be dirt magnets. Setting up a cleaning station will be great for doing a quick wash for hands and feet before entering your lodging throughout the day. All your station really needs is water, soap, and a towel. It’s such a small thing that might not seem necessary, but you’ll be surprised by just how much this little tip can help keep everyone cleaner. It also means less stress for you.

Plan for Entertainment for Everyone 

If you’re staying in a tent, much of your entertainment will be around the fire or outside. Hikes, bike rides, campfire lounging, kick the can, and marshmallow roasting are all activities that fill the days of a camping trip. When you’re staying in a tent, you basically just use it for sleeping and spend much of your free time outside. At night, most of the entertainment is focused around the fire for maximum heat and visibility. For other types of lodging, you might want to bring some card games to keep the family entertained. Especially at night when things wind down since you’ll probably be inside and not staying entertained by the fire. Very small kiddos will need some toys since they can’t exactly go play tag. However, even tag-aged kids will need a few extras for entertainment as well. Some families decide to unplug, some don’t. Either way, be sure to have some entertainment for each family member just in case.

Involve Your Kids

In order to maximize the fun and engagement, involve your kids in the planning of the camping trip. Find a cabin, tent, yurt, RV, etc. that will be fun for kids. Ask them about an activity they would like to do on your trip. This way, they will have something to look forward to and feel connected to the trip as a whole. Let them pick a game to play, an activity for everyone to do, a meal to cook, or which room they want to sleep in. You don’t have to let them take the reins (though that would sure make for an interesting trip). Just remember that the camping vacation is for everyone and they might really enjoy being involved.

Stress the Importance of Safety

Camping with kids can be hard on parents because of the safety risks and worry. However, stressing the importance of safety is a tip that will ease your mind and help your kids understand what to do in certain situations. Let them know not to go anywhere alone after dark. Let everyone know where the first aid kit is. Scope out the area before your kids do. Do your research and gain some knowledge on the area wildlife. Set a perimeter for their exploring and set times to check back in if they do decide to go exploring. Keep a special eye on them around water and stress to them the importance of a life jacket. Overall, safety is incredibly important, but having some safety knowledge and ground rules will help to alleviate worry and keep everyone safe.

At Broken Bow Cabin Lodging…

Broken Bow Cabin Lodging is family owned and family friendly. Each cabin is great for a variety of different family situations from older families to younger families. There are a ton of attractions nearby for kids of all ages and some cabins have swing sets, slides, and games inside for kids as well. Though some cabins may have more amenities for camping with kids than others, each cabin has aspects great for all different types of families.


Camping with your kids is a great way to bring the family together and experience the outdoors. Whether you choose to stay in a cabin or stay in a tent, the experience is about creating family bonds that are tighter than before. Camping has a way of removing all of the distractions from home responsibilities and focusing on new adventures and family closeness.