Some people are naturally drawn to the outdoors. Gravel under boots, the quiet of snowfall, soggy socks, dirt under fingernails, and sun-warmed skin are all feelings that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Even for those that aren’t naturally drawn to doing outdoorsy things, there is no denying the perks of spending time outside. You don’t have to spend a week backpacking in order to feel the effects that the outdoors can have on your soul. Sometimes it just takes a short walk or a drive to gain the benefits of being outside. Not only are there added health benefits, being outside can also help you to spend time with yourself, feel connected to the world, and gain experiences.

The Health Benefits

There are health benefits associated with outdoor activity that come naturally. Spending more time outside will increase your exercise and how often you move. Exercising and moving more is great for weight loss and overall health and happiness. Not only that, but you’ll receive more vitamin D which is tricky to obtain but important for bone growth, cell growth, inflammation reduction, and immune function. Being outside can also do wonders for mental health. Exercising, practicing self-care, feeling connected, and gaining experiences are all ways to boost mental health and battle mental health struggles.

Spending Time with Yourself

Self-care is so important and being outside is a great way to spend time taking care of yourself. Reflecting, journaling, walking, meditating, reading, taking photographs, etc. are all ways to spend time with yourself in a positive way. Finding which outdoor activity is best for you is key in using the outdoors to spend quality time with yourself. Self-care in the outdoors isn’t forcing yourself to kayak if you hate the water. It’s about finding your place and the activity that helps you connect with yourself. Connecting with yourself is important because sometimes it’s hard to remove ourselves from all of our responsibilities and remember what we need as a person – not as a parent, employee, sibling, child, etc. Finding your place in the outdoors can help facilitate much needed time with yourself.

Feeling Connected

Being outside and having more experiences in the outdoors will help you  feel connected to a variety of things. You’ll feel connected to yourself, your body, the world, and things that matter outside of adult responsibilities. Your feet in the ocean, your hands touching foliage, your ears being filled with bird sounds, or the smells of rain have a way to help you feel connected and aware of the world around you. Our souls aren’t meant to live within concrete and technology all of the time. They also need the purity of the outdoors.

Spending time outside with family or friends will help remove distractions and work to connect you in different ways. Camping with your dog, or camping with your children are ways to feel connected to them that you can’t do at home. There’s just something about being outside and experiencing the outdoors that connects you in ways you can’t get otherwise.

Gaining Experiences

There are some experiences you can only have outside. Spending more time outside will help your soul feel alive with those new experiences. Learning, growing, and progressing are all important parts of being human. We thrive on new feelings, smells, sounds, tastes, and images. Being outside can help to increase how many times you get to have those new senses and experiences that we can learn and grow from. There’s no denying what it feels like to see the Grand Canyon for the first time, what it’s like being in the ocean, what it feels like to whitewater raft, or camp for a weekend alone. These new experiences are what living is all about. Having them outside will increase how connected you feel to the world around you.

At Broken Bow Cabin Lodging…

At Broken Bow Cabin Lodging, knowing that the outdoors is good for the soul is a major part of what this area offers. The cabins are luxury and work to make each guest’s experience in the outdoors one that is comfortable and luxurious, but the outdoors are right outside the front door. The Beavers Bend area offers attractions like canoeing, fishing, hiking, areas for boating, ATV trails, horseback riding, etc. and visitors can gain the experiences outside that are great for the soul.

Some people feel the most at peace under the stars, hiking in the mountains, or camping in the desert. Others don’t feel as at-home in the outdoors as the others. But you can still finds peace taking a walk or drinking tea on the porch. Either way, those experiences outside are good for the soul. Not only is being outside beneficial for your health, it’s also good to practice self-care, feel connected, and gain experiences. How you choose to spend time outdoors is up to you. Either way, it will be good for your soul.