The great thing about the outdoors is that the activities you can do are seemingly endless. Because there are so many opportunities for different activities, there is something for each type of person. Some people will love to hike while others love to find a shady tree and read. Some might enjoy walking the dog while others might like taking photos. Knowing which type of person you are and what you like to do will help you to find the outdoor activity for you. Whether you’re an adventurer, an indoorsy person, the cautious one, a social butterfly, or an observer, you can find something in the outdoors that fits your personality and interests.

The Adventurer

For the adventurer, the outdoor world is your oyster. An adventurer can find an adventure in any situation, but seeks the experiences that will be new and exciting. Adventurers might love to do a difficult hike, ATV riding, surfing, water skiing, snowboarding, or kayaking. The key here is to find something that is challenging and gets the blood pumping. It’s all about new experiences and finding an activity that you’d write home about. No matter the time of year or type of surroundings, an adventurer can find something to pique their interests. If you’re spending time in the outdoors with an adventurer, be prepared for an experience you won’t forget.

The Indoorsy Person

Not everyone loves to spend their time camping, hiking, or exploring the outdoors. Some people hate it, some people don’t prefer it, and others are sort of indifferent to the outdoors and what it can offer. However, even indoorsy people can gain some of the good that the outdoors can offer the soul in different ways. You don’t have to go hike a mountain or roll around in the dirt, spending time outside can be minimal or relaxed. If you enjoy cooking, your outdoor activity can be barbecuing or trying out some camping recipes. The indoorsy person might enjoy driving around in the wilderness and enjoying the scenery from their vehicles. You might like reading a book in the shade or playing a handheld video game on the porch.

The Cautious One

Those that are more cautious might feel a bit of anxiety with outdoor activities. Perhaps they’ve had a bad experience, have a health condition affected by the outdoors, or they have small children that they are concerned about. You might not find the cautious one on a jet ski, but you might find them having a picnic with their kiddos. Cautious people might also enjoy swimming, throwing the ball for their dog, or relaxing in a hammock. The key for cautious people when spending time outside is to have an environment that you can control the variables to. Always practice safety, avoid the unknowns, and stay inside their comfort zone. Otherwise, the cautious one can still have an amazing time outdoors.

The Social Butterfly

Social people might have the most fun outside if they are experiencing the outdoors with friends and family. The social butterfly might choose an activity that incorporates others like hiking in a group, tubing, playing catch, fishing, hanging out around the fire, or camping with friends. Some people enjoy using the outdoors as a way to connect with themselves. Social butterflies might enjoy that for a short while, but ultimately wants to find a way to incorporate more people and find ways to interact. Thankfully, most any activity can be made into an activity to promote togetherness. Whether that’s relaxing or biking, the social butterfly can find a way to make anything social.

The Observer

The observer might love everything the outdoors has to offer, but might prefer the slow lane. It’s not about heart pumping adventure or minimal outdoor experiences, but more about taking everything in and going at your own pace. Observers might enjoy hiking, going on a walk with the dog, creating a plant journal, photography, or sitting outside just to watch the world around them. Observers might love adventure, prefer the indoors, be cautious, or social, but takes each of those and pull it back into an observatory action.

At Broken Bow Cabin Lodging…

At Broken Bow Cabin Lodging, there is an endless supply of activities. The area attractions include things like canoeing, boating, jet skiing, fishing, horseback riding, and golfing. Though each cabin is different and provides a slew of different amenities, the area provides a ton of areas to walk and hike and enjoy being outside. For the adventurers, you can head out in a canoe or discover some ATV trails. The indoorsy people can feel right at home inside the luxury cabins or read a book on the deck. The cautious one can feel safe around the area parks and picnic areas with children. Social butterflies will enjoy golfing or spending time at the lake. Observers will love the photo opportunities and amazing scenery. At Broken Bow Cabin Lodging, there’s something for everyone.

Being outside can mean any number of things depending on who you talk to. One person might picture outdoor activities as snowshoeing through the forest, others might picture drinking tea while watching their children play. Each person is different and will take something different from an outdoor activity. However, no matter what type of person you are, there is an outdoor activity perfect for you — you just have to find it.